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A Gay Creampie Story

Put simply, some sexual activities are just far hotter than others, and so kinky that only the most daring in the bedroom will consider engaging in them. This is the case with the gay creampie, an act between two men which fully shows their dedication to each other and the lengths that the two will go to please each other. So how can two men get so close and enjoy enough hot and steamy sex to make the gay creampie a reality?

Two men are relaxing together thinking about the hot night that they have ahead. Both renowned for their ability to switch – it is what drew the two to each other in the first place – they are debating which one should take control tonight and which one should allow himself to be used. After concluding, the one in control decides that he is going to reward the other with a creampie, which he will then eat out afterwards himself.

Straight to it they go and within a couple of minutes, the top has his cock balls deep into the bottom’s mouth, lubing himself up well enough so that he can easily enter the other’s ass and thrust away until his heart’s content – with a nine inch dick, there is never any concern when it comes to filling up his partner’s ass.

Once the bottom announces he’s ready, he lies on the bed, spreading his ass cheeks, revealing a loose and often used asshole. The top gives it a quick lick before ploughing himself inside, forcing his cock in deep and hard while leaning across the man to kiss him. This sensual activity quickly brings both close to the edge, and the bottom’s ass grips around the top’s dick, which quickly approaches orgasm.

Before he knew it, the top was exploding hot jets of white sticky cum into his lover’s ass. After leaving it in for a short while, he gradually pulled it out, revealing a large, gaping asshole. After a few brief moments, the large load of cum that he shot into that very ass was pouring out all over the bottom’s ass cheeks and the bed. Wasting no time, the top moved closer and begun lapping up his cum, while fingering his partner’s ass to ensure all of that goodness came out – not to be too greedy, he made sure that the bottom got a taste of his juices too.

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